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HVAC Contractor in Columbus

Any home, no matter where it’s located, requires a powerful HVAC system that can keep your building heated during chilly weather, and cooled during the blazing heat. TemperaturePro are your team of HVAC contractors with years of experience in keeping your heating and cooling systems working flawlessly.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial office buildings and industrial facilities require certain skills in the field of HVAC. Heating and cooling large buildings demands contractors that make no mistakes and have proper skills involved with industrial chillers and boiler systems.

Residential HVAC

Your home’s air conditioning system requires planned maintenance and professional service. At TemperaturePro, we offer professional ac and heating system installation, repair and maintenance. We will keep your home warm or cool from the roof to the garage.

HVAC System Installation

Installing HVAC systems, especially in an commercial setting, is no stroll in the park. Proper installation of the mechanical ventilation and ductwork systems will not only ensure that your building stays climate controlled, but benefit your budget as planned installation means less repairs when joined with regular maintenance.

Regularly Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

An office, home or industrial workplace requires regularly planned maintenance for their HVAC heating and cooling systems to continue running effectively. Regular maintenance prevents the breaking down of important mechanics, keeping your heating & cooling system running efficiently and effectively

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