HVAC Services for Columbus Property Managers

Take the Stress Off Your Maintenance Team and Let the HVAC Experts Handle the Rest

Managing a residential or commercial property comes with a whole slate of responsibilities, but one of the most important ones is tenant comfort and satisfaction. A poorly controlled indoor climate leads to lower satisfaction ratings and a higher volume of tenant complaints and work orders.

It can be challenging trying to manage multiple work orders at once or complete a work order only to have the same problem arise 2 weeks later somewhere else. Partnering with a professional HVAC service company like TemperaturePro virtually eliminates those points of stress. Your property management team can focus on making the space the best it can be for tenants today and in the future. 

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With our HVAC service program for property managers, we make things easier than ever.

Here's how it works:

  • Submit a work order to our team
  • We reach out to the tenant (if indoor access is required) within 24 hours and schedule the service appointment
  • We send your management team details of the appointment, so you’re not left wondering whether the tenant has been contacted
  • One of technicians assesses the situation and completes service if it fits within your predetermined per visit budget limit (for example: if the repair will cost less than $500, we have the green light to complete the work, removing the need for a second visit)
  • If replacement parts or system installation is required, we notify your team
  • Invoices are sent on the same day
  • You rest easy with peace of mind that your equipment is taken care of and your tenants are happy

Types of Properties We’ve Partnered With

We partner with a variety of property managers – from independent landlords to commercial management groups, we’re happy to help get the job done and done well. If the property you manage is different from the types listed below, give us a call! We’re happy to help get your property situated with premium HVAC services.

Single Family Residences

  • Residents in single-family homes will still receive the same concierge service they are used to
  • TemperaturePro will handle overflow repairs
  • 1000 homes and counting serviced so far

Property Management Groups

  • Property management groups help independent property owners by taking care of logistics like rent collection, tenant inquiries, and maintenance requests
  • Much like how property management groups help independent property owners, TemperaturePro can help property managers with any HVAC work
  • Over 250 properties serviced annually

Apartment Complexes

  • One complex had 500 units which were in a state of disrepair, and new investors wanted to fix things on a large scale
  • TemperaturePro stepped in to help with HVAC
  • As a professional service provider rather than an in-house team, we can work on repairs, installations, and replacements as people move out and as problems arise
  • More frequent availability leads to shorter wait times for tenants once a maintenance request is submitted

Let TemperaturePro Manage Your Heating & Cooling Systems

TemperaturePro is proud to serve a wide variety of property management clients in the Columbus area, and we’d love to work with you and ensure comfort for all your tenants and residents.

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