Commercial HVAC

When owning a business, keeping up with your heating and cooling needs is a must! At TemperaturePro Columbus we offer installation and maintenance options to keep your office building comfortable. Whether it’s a commercial install or a simple unit check, we can help you keep your business in order with our certified HVAC technicians assistance.



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Industrial Air Conditioning Repair

We offer service on industrial A/C systems. At TemperaturePro Columbus, we understand the complexity of industrial HVAC systems, and have experience with rooftop repairs so you can be sure that your system will be running at optimal efficiency soon!

HVAC System Installation

Installing HVAC systems, especially in an commercial setting, is no stroll in the park. Proper installation of the mechanical ventilation and ductwork systems will not only ensure that your building stays climate controlled, but benefit your budget as planned installation means less repairs when joined with regular maintenance.

Regularly Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

An office, home or industrial workplace requires regularly planned maintenance for their HVAC heating and cooling systems to continue running effectively. Regular maintenance helps prevents the breaking down of moving parts, keeping your heating & cooling system running efficiently and effectively

Industrial Boiler Contractor

Large, industrial buildings need professional service and knowledgeable contractors to repair a large gas boiler or furnace. Industrial heating systems can be dangerous and pricey to repair if something goes wrong. Don’t take the risk, call TemperaturePro Columbus for a free quote on your boiler service.

Commercial Boiler Service

We offer 24 hour furnace repair and installation, repair and maintenance of gas boiler, electric boilers, gas boilers and commercial furnaces for schools, hospitals, and other large properties.

We are here to be your business’s full-service HVAC partner. By choosing TemperaturePro Columbus every step of the way, we can ensure that your buildings are comfortable and efficient.

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