Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Senior Living Festival at the Hollywood Casino.  What a great opportunity to meet some of our most seasoned and capable seniors.  At last count, more than 2400 people came to enjoy seminars on retirement living, Medicare options, and effective products/companies for this honored population.  We were able to speak with many of those present.  I enjoyed hearing some of their personal stories but also educating them on what TemperaturePro Columbus might be able to do to assist in their healthy living.  We spoke with many people that are preparing for their retirement, those who are actively caring for a senior and some just simply wanted to learn more about some community options. 

We are proud to support our senior population.  We were happy to discuss air cleaners, humidifiers, preventative maintenance or simply the best slot machine at the casino.  Our entire team enjoys going into the community and getting to know people.  It was a great day for all involved.