Women in Ministry Evening

Women are often the force in many community events and opportunities for growth, awareness and family success. Columbus has a vast array of women assisting others through education, charity, ministry and family struggles.

Hundreds of these women were celebrated right here in Columbus, Ohio recently. It was their turn to be praised, supported and thanked. This was an evening of music, community and joy for so many. We heard motivating talks discussing the demands on our lives and the increasing expectations we place on ourselves. Music from amazing National artists was played with the gratitude directed back to those that serve others in Columbus. This was an evening of thank you’s to those that consistently give to others and ask for little in return.

I was blessed to be part of this event. I was invited to attend because of the efforts I make to give back to others, especially thru Huntington’s Disease and Special Olympics. I believe that we can all make this world better thru caring for others and lifting each other up. That is what this evening exemplified.

Hannah Kerr, Ohio Christian University Christian Rock band and Plumb opened our hearts to love, God and kinship. These musicians cheered the women in attendance. The energy was unmatched. Thank you to the sponsors of this event. I am grateful that I was included and my heart and motivation were re-energized!

This event was sponsored by 104.9 The River radio station and Eleventh Candle Company.

TemperaturePro Columbus Supports National Guard & Army Reserve

Our family has always supported all aspects of the military. The majority of our family has served in the military and we proudly support all veterans and military families.

On March 21, I was invited to participate in a Bosslift ESGR Refueling mission on a KC-135 Stratotanker. We flew out of Rickenbacker Air Force base to meet two F16 fighter jets over Vermont and Connecticut. We were loaded with 60,000 pounds of jet fuel and educated fully on all aspects of the operation. We were given all access to the plane, the military team and the mission.

This was an awe-inspiring day that simply reminded me why I am so dedicated to the military. The men and women in charge of this flight work hard, dedicate much of their time to being prepared for anything and have committed to the safety of our country.

I was offered the opportunity to lay down next to the actual boom operator and watch as we refueled an F16. The F16 was within 20 feet of our plane. The men and women of the 121 st Air Refueling Wing are courageous and inspiring. We were also able to learn more about the opportunities for employers and leaders in the community to support those in the National Guard or Reserve. Thank you to all military members and to the ESGR (https://esgr.mil) I was reminded, once again, why TemperaturePro Columbus offers discounts to all members of the military.

TemperaturePro Columbus Invited to Coleman Manufacturing Facility

As the only Columbus, Ohio dealer of Coleman products, we were recently flown the manufacturing facility in Wichita, Kansas. Sheri Nash, Owner/Operator, and Charlene Falke, Service Technician, toured the entire plant.

This allowed us to see the great detail and research put into every unit and system offer by Coleman products. We experienced and witnessed their proven processes and systems to ensure that our customers will be satisfied with every aspect of their purchase.

The commitment to manufacturing excellence was obvious. We felt even more confident in our decision to represent Coleman as one of our proven systems to offer our customers. Thanks to Johnstone, Coleman, and JCI manufacturing for partnering with us and being willing to demonstrate their commitment to us.